Trombonist and vocalist Alisha Marie Ard is a jewel of an entertainer.  Her voice is crystal clear with a brilliant, sparkling style, and her trombone playing is vibrant and polished.  Alisha isn’t just a musician who “happens” to sing, she is a superb vocalist as well as trombonist, who captivates and amazes.
Like a hidden treasure, most audiences are discovering Alisha for the first time.  While certainly no stranger to the music business,
she only recently debuted as a leader with a self-titled quartet album.  The music is sexy and sweet, and reveals her prowess as a performer.  There is also a tantalizing glimpse of her talent as a composer, arranger and lyricist.
Alisha was born loving music, and nature made her voice her first instrument.  Then at the age of ten she picked up a trombone and fell in love with its warm sound.  She idolized the great jazz players, and devoted herself to that genre.  She connected to the roots of jazz through recordings and books, and the decades of jazz history absorbed into her body.  When Alisha performs, every nuance is an instinct; the music flows like it’s second nature.
While she channels an “old soul” into her interpretations, Alisha is also a pioneer.  Often she has been told how unique a female trombonist is for the audience, and she is the first or only woman to play in many groups.  It’s not unusual for a woman play a trombone, but there aren’t many women, or, for that matter, trombonists who play with as much technique and finesse, not to mention fire and personality.  Like her heroes before her, Alisha is a musical innovator mostly because she is so good.
An assiduous student, Alisha completed a master’s degree in another realm of her passion: classical trombone performance.  She expanded her repertoire and mastered concertos and symphonies.  She toured Europe soloing with a chamber orchestra.  She competed in national and international concerto competitions and, as a winner, performed in front of a philharmonic orchestra.  But her approach remained a meld of influences.  For example, while touring Scandinavia as principal trombonist in a fifty-piece wind ensemble, she would occasionally step out front and sing a specially commissioned arrangement of Lionel Hampton and Sonny Burke’s beautiful ballad, “Midnight Sun.”  Her coursework yielded a detailed study of the evolution of sonata-allegro form in the symphony from Schubert to Bruckner, as well as an in-depth analysis of the improvisational techniques of jazz great Carl Fontana.  
Seeking an outlet for her expansive training, in 2005 she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a freelance career.  In the short time since then she has built an impressive resume.  Still in the early stages of her career, and working mostly as a sideman, she has worked with celebrities and legends.  She has performed in stadiums and arenas.  She has traveled to over twenty countries.  It’s astounding that someone so young can already boast of several lifetimes’ worth of accomplishments, but anyone who has seen this beautiful young woman electrify an audience with her talent, poise, and sense of humor will tell you she is only getting started.